The American Mustang Guidebook Book



There are close to 40,000 wild mustangs in the United States. Some on islands, some on mountaintops, some on vast prairies, and some on land where oil-drilling rigs and logging trucks are constant visitors. Most of this land is public and under the management of the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), making it accessible to anyone willing to drive the backroads to get there. The American Mustang Guidebook is a combination travel guide, horse lovers' publication, natural history, and American history resource book all rolled into one. Illustrated within the pages are the beauty and natural landscapes of wild horses in America, maps to help you find where they live, and sections on the history, behavior, and color genetics of this magnificent animal. Detailed state-by-state directions and maps show where to best view America's wild horses in their native pastures, and complete information is included on BLM adoption and training of a mustang. Contact names and addresses of the state BLM offices, a list of wild horses handlers, local and national wild horse organizations, and a list of other resources are also included, making this a complete and unique reference for nature and horse lovers everywhere.


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