F*CK IT 2025 Wall Calendar



I LEFT MY LAST F*CK IN 2024: Get your sh*t together with a wall calendar made for the f*cking new year. The 2025 F*ck It 12” x 12” Wall Calendar is your fairy-f*cking godmother for keeping it real and giving life's bullsh*t the finger. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to a daily dose of hilarious truth bombs. Do less, survive over thrive, get some snacks, clock some Zzz's, and keep it honest. Oh, and sit up straight dammit. F*ck yeah. It's time to own your sh*t and let your penchant for profanity guide you through the chaos.


Size: 12" x 12"

Item: #48313

ISBN: 978-1-54924-639-5

UPC: 679752008529

Format: Wall Calendar