New York City 2023 12" x 12" Wall Calendar

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There’s no city in the world like the Big Apple. The hustle and bustle meld with history and heartbreak to create a metropolis that thrives on being itself. Mile-high skyscrapers tower over the grassy acres of Central Park. Art and culture mix with industry and capitalism. The founding fathers fought revolutionary battles on the riverbanks. The roots of our nation took hold in its bedrock. As Lady Liberty holds her steady vigil from the Hudson, the five boroughs cultivate their unique local flavors, all culminating in the definition of what it is to be a New Yorker. Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper, this 12”x 12” wall calendar features large monthly grids that offer ample room for jotting notes, along with six bonus months of July through December of 2022. Also includes moon phases (CST), standard U.S., and international holidays.