Bad To The Bone Book

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Let's face it: ALL dogs are good, and ALL dogs are bad. No matter how happy the smile, how tender the big, droopy eyes, or how sweet the head nuzzle, there isn't a dog alive who will ignore a dropped piece of food, the garbage when it's within reach, or the couch when you aren't home. Dogs also, by definition, drool, beg, whine, stay when they are told to "come" and come when they are told to "stay." While these behaviors aren't technically "sins," they often resemble them, and in this charming gift book, the seven deadly sins have never been so much fun! Full-color photographs of dogs behaving badly are humorously paired with classic quotes involving lust, greed, gluttony, indolence, temptation and other dog "sins" that prove it's only human to be a bad dog.

Hardcover - 96 Pages - 5.5" x 5.5"