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A parent’s heart may whisper feelings that never quite turn into words.

We want our sons to know how unwavering our love is—whether they are pushing our buttons or pulling our heartstrings.

We want to help them find their way.

We want them to know the height of our joy and the depth of our pride.

In this gift book for sons, words and wildlife images team together to make our sons smile.

Tender and humorous, its pages give a voice to our heart-whispers.

About the Author

Bonnie Louise Gillis (formerly Bonnie Louise Kuchler) is the author of 27 gift books, with over 375,000 copies sold.

Bestsellers include Just Sisters, Just Girlfriends, Retirement is a Full-time Job, and One Heart.

She and her husband live on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, where wildlife mosey, mountains touch the sea, and ancient trees breathe.

A quenchless nature lover and gardener, Bonnie’s biggest thoughts come from tiny seedlings and towering evergreens.