Bird Watching For Cats Book



Let's face it: indoor cats may get bored when their owners are away or otherwise occupied. No more. This user-friendly, step-by-step guide takes owners through the process of establishing successful bird-watching windows for the endless enjoyment of their cats - and without harming (in fact, benefitting) the birds on the other side. The vividly illustrated chapters describe how to set up appropriate window feeders, birdbaths and even birdhouses for your home or apartment. Suggestions for planting natural cover outside windows, one-way viewing, bird videos, outside speakers, and special toys - all for the pleasure of cats - are also included. This remarkable book by renowned bird experts (and lifelong cat owners) George and Kit Harrison is sure to be a valuable resource - for both you and your cat.


Size: 10" x 8"

Cover: Hardcover

Item: #1890

ISBN: 978-1-57223-189-4

UPC: 709786001569

Format: Book