If I Had a Horse

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If I Had a Horse

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Teachers and lessons come when we least expect them and often in ways we may not imagine.

With reflections on how the horse experience migrates into the way we think of ourselves and of others, and translates into everyday life, this book captures the essence of putting into practice the profound realizations that come from being with a horse.

As a powerful connection to the natural world, the horse enables us to grasp the fundamentals of life, which we may not otherwise have had the opportunity to understand.

On subjects such as trust, rhythm, empowerment, awareness, forgiveness, and patience, thoughts are combined with wonderful photography and related quotes.

Whether you are an experienced rider or horse owner, or have only imagined a horse in your life, you will be convinced that this compelling messenger is calling and that the invitation is life changing.

Packaged with the book is a DVD, also by Mark Barret, that features horses in numerous locations and situations, making this book a complete package for showcasing horses in all their glory.