Horse: A Portrait

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Horse: A Portrait

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Horse: A Portrait is a collection of photographs and writing by award-winning photographer Christiane Slawik.

Taking us on her travels around the world photographing horses, Slawik tells the stories behind the photos and about her personal love of horses.

She writes: "Horses have been fascinating for me in a way that I can describe only with difficulty.

This feeling and fascination I try to capture with my camera-this one magical moment that not only I can take home with me in my heart but that others can share in my photos.

A moment that can be every-elegance, dynamics, combined with wild and simultaneously gentle spirit.

Beauty, innocence and curiosity and again and again the wonderful and permanent will to make it right to man. "One shouldn't regard horses as using animals. They are so much more.

These heavenly creatures are our partners. Infinitely patient, attentive, and always ready to give their life for us.

They make us proud, they give us luck, harmony and inner peace.

If we only allow it they even train our character and take care that we grow beyond ourselves.

Horses are the most astonishing creatures whom I know." Through Slawik's incredible photography and inspirational words, we view a portrait of both these magnificent animals and also of Slawik herself.