Eros & Equus

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Eros & Equus

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Why does it seem we never tire of good horse stories?

Perhaps it is because they connect us to something deeper and more meaningful.

Books about the wild joys of riding and the profoundness of our relationships to these grand animals take us away from everyday reality, but even more than that, they remind us of a creature both noble and kind, powerful and tender, as beautiful today as it was a thousand years ago.

Here in this exceptional anthology of sensual writing, eros and equus merge.

Selections from writers such as Jim Harrison, Jean Giono, Jane Smiley, Maxine Kumin, John Hawkes, Kay Boyle, Charles Bukowski, Lyn Lifshin, Annie Dillard, Michael Korda, Lucy Grealy, Tess Gallagher and Billie Collins, are balanced by the exceptional duo-tone photographs of Donna DeMari.

This is Laura Chester's fifth anthology, a wild and wonderful ride.