Revenge of the Trout Zombies

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Revenge of the Trout Zombies

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All day you drift through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, yet you see it not, writes Bruce Cochran.

The majestic bluffs, the soaring bald eagle, the snow-capped mountains all go unnoticed because your world consists only of your strike indicator.

You stare at it, hypnotized, as it floats in the current, carrying with it all your hopes, your dreams, and yes… your humanity.

You have ceased to function as a living person. Yes, you have become… a TROUT ZOMBIE!

In this, his seventh book, Cochran uses hilarious words and cartoons to expose the follies and foibles of flyfishing.

All elements of this hugely popular sport are lampooned, including the equipment, the characters, the flies,even the clothing.

(“Rule #1: No more pink shirts. And yes, they’re PINK! Not coral or salmon. If you want to betaken seriously, stop buying your clothes at Victoria’s Secret.”)

About the Authors

Called “American’s funniest sporting cartoonist,” Bruce Cochran has published numerous sporting cartoon books with Willow Creek Press, including Lab Fever, Golden Fever, Marsh Madness, and Antler’s Away.

He lives in Prairie Village, Kansas.