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The world is full of different cultures, races, languages and religions, but the basic essence of the people of the world are essentially the same.

While this can become lost in adult responsibilities and beliefs, it remains especially apparent in our children.

All children are playful, curious, charming and tender, while also being mischievous, defiant, confused and bored.

Some are bashful while others are confident and bold.

Full of surprise and wonder, children remind everyone of our universal excitement and joy in being alive.

Photographer Victoria Davis captures this universal spirit of childhood through these beautiful black and white images, while the text captures the universal essence of a child's many faces.

Whether sad, cute, warm or worried, each photograph is complemented by a one word description translated into 5 world languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

These translations serve to remind us that we are one world and one human race, regardless of the languages and beliefs we learn.