The Little Book of Birding

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The Little Book of Birding

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The Little Book of Birding encapsulates our fascination and relationship with wild birds.

This book is an exploration into the world of birds from the watchers' point of view.

The Little Book of Birding
invites us to further explore and actively participate in their cycle of life.

Renowned author, photographer and bird-watching enthusiast George Harrison provides more than a glimpse into the unpredictable and often humorous avian world.

Experienced bird watchers will recognize with delight the insight he imparts with his colorful narrative.

They will also recognize themselves - albeit with some embarrassment - in many of the humorous photographs, which show to what lengths some people will go in their obsession with birds.

Together, text and photographs combine to create the perfect portrait of how our lives are enriched daily by the presence of wild birds.