If Animals Could Talk 2019 Mini Calendar

Item#: 03855 Format : Mini Calendars
If Animals Could Talk 2019 Mini Calendar

Product Details

Born from the bestselling book that went viral, comes the hilarious calendar you didn’t know you need-ed.

"If Animals Could Talk" creators Carla Butwin and Josh Cassidy use their playful artwork and witty writing to dive deep into the (mostly) dark minds of your favorite animals.

So hang it up and make your co-workers jealous, your parents disappointed, and your kids question things you’re not prepared to an-swer.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

And while ideal for small spaces, the calendar's daily grids still provide room for jotting notes, appoint-ments, birthdays, reminders and whatever else people like to jot.

Did we mention it also includes six bo-nus months of July through December 2018? That’s months on months on months!